Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan Compels Us To Love Him With Good Deeds


What is it with those Vampire Diaries boys? We all know about Ian Somerhalder’s tireless efforts to basically save the world with his foundation, but he’s not the only Mystic Falls resident putting his vampire skills of persuasion to very good use. For the second year in a row, Joseph Morgan, who plays the not-so-charitable Original vamp Klaus, is asking fans to help him raise money for Positive Women for his birthday on May 16. The organization’s mission is to empower women and eradicate poverty in Swaziland.

“I actually started supporting Positive Women just before I got the role in Vampire Diaries,” Morgan told us. “I put out a Youtube video encouraging people to donate and of course no one watched it because no one knew who I was, and then suddenly I got the role of Klaus and it became the fifth-most watched video in the NGO because that was the only footage of me talking!”

Since then, of course, his status has risen considerably. Now that he has more than 300,000 Twitter followers, Morgan hopes he’ll raise a lot more money this year. And why Positive Women? For one, he went to college with one of the founders, Kathryn Llewellyn. For another, he feels like he has a chance to really make a difference immediately.

“The population of Swaziland is something like a million,” he explained. “This is something like, give us a year and a bunch of money and we can solve a lot of these problems.”

And reason number three will just make you weak in the knees: “The most important people in my life to me is my mother, and so the idea of any woman anywhere being treated badly is just unthinkable to me. What some of these women — not even women, girls go through is unbelievable.

“Ian has more Twitter followers than there are people in Swaziland, so I think we can really do something here,” he concluded.

So, what do you say, TVD fans? Will you succumb to Klaus’ will on this one?

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