Is Anne Hathaway That Skinny? Ashley Judd, Please Weigh In


Guys, can we talk about Anne Hathaway‘s weight for a second? Everyone else on the planet seems to be. Yesterday Us Magazine declared, “Anne Hathaway Debuts Drastically Skinny Look on Les Miserables Set” along with a snapshot of Anne in costume with cropped hair. RadarOnline proclaimed today that “Anne Hathaway’s Dramatic Weight Loss ‘Could Strike A Hard Blow To Her Metabolism’ Warns Expert,” even quoting a nutritional expert as being ‚Äúdistressed to see her looking so thin, drawn, pale and haggard.” Despite the fact that the actress’s rep has already denied allegations that she is on some kind of crazy crash diet for the movie, it seems that everyone and their mother is deeply, personally worried about Anne Hathaway’s eating habits. Upon realizing that, the righteous spirit of Ashley Judd filled us and we felt it extremely necessary to point out that, guys? Anne Hathaway doesn’t look that much different than she normally does.

Don’t believe us? Check her recent photos about. If Hathaway dropped a “drastic” amount of weight between filming Dark Knight Rises and Les Miz, we ain’t seeing it in the on-set snapshots. If you ask us, it seems like a lot of this alleged “concern for Anne Hathaway’s health” is actual “an excuse to slam Anne Hathaway for looking less hot than usual.” Two very, very different things.

Can we also point that no one batted an eye when Hathway’s Les Miz costar Hugh Jackman tweeted a photo of his “ravaged prisoner look” or commented on the restrictions he had to put on his diet during shooting? “Awesome burger at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Portsmouth last night. After no carbs for ages…heaven!,” Hugh posted back in March. If we’re going to clutch our pearls, we had better start clutching them for the entire Les Miz cast, because apparently they are all willing suffer total organ failure for their art! Or maybe they just cut off all their hair. It’s hard to know for sure! Either way, we are certain Anne is taking care of herself, even if she does need to look like a tubercular sex worker from the 1800s. Thanks for letting us get this off our chest.

And thanks for letting us borrow your soap box, Ashley Judd! We’re probably going to need it again, sooner than you think.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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