Earth Day Salute: The 10 Best Celebrity Eco Warrior Stories Of The Year


Happy Earth Day, everyone. We know you’re reading this post on your solar-powered laptop while on a break from cleaning litter off the beach or planting trees, right? Well, we’ll let you get back to work soon, but first, we just wanted to honor the environmentally minded celebrities who’ve inspired us to hug some trees this year. They are rich and have more free time than us to devote to green causes, sure, but they could be wasting all their cash on gas-guzzlers and paper plates and exotic animal hunting too. Here are 10 recent headlines that made us, and Mother Earth smile:

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10. Justin Bieber gets a Fisker Karma electric sports car for his birthday from manager Scooter Braun, presented to him on Ellen.

9. Miranda Kerr pledged to teach a free yoga class if at least 500 people joined her in pledging to do something for the environment on Earth Hour on March 31.

8. Channing Tatum demonstrated his exotic dancing skills onstage with Elton John at the Revlon Concert for the Rainforest.

7. Courtney Stodden shoots a video for PETA explaining why she’s a vegetarian: “You feel better within yourself because you know that you are not only saving animals, but you are actually helping the environment.”

6. Betty White and the Lifeline Program (a nonprofit for seniors) adopted a Malayan gharial crocodile in honor of Elton John for his 65th birthday. The croc will live in the L.A. Zoo, not John’s bathtub, BTW.

5. Meryl Streep narrates To the Arctic, a 3-D IMAX movie about a polar bear and her twin 7-month-old cubs.

4. Mark Ruffalo has been tirelessly speaking out against hydro-fracking, the controversial method of extracting natural gas, and even cofounded Water Defense for the cause. His recent appearance on The Colbert Report to talk about the issue was adorably earnest.

3. Ian Somerhalder’s efforts to help animals, the environment, bullied kids and just about everything else you can think of, through the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, is commendable. We like his recent suggestion that his Vampire Diaries character start driving a more eco-friendly car, since, you know, he plans to live for many more centuries.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio is another activist who makes it hard for us to pick just one related headline — his work to save tigers? elephants? coffee-growing regions of South and Central America?

1. Lucy Lawless is arrested after spending three days on top of an oil rig as part of a Greenpeace effort to prevent the ship from oil exploration in the Arctic.

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