Mad Men Open Thread: Road Tripping


Last night’s episode of Mad Men (Episode 506, entitled “Far Away Places”) was exceptionally bizarre and merits BWEscussion, but since Michelle isn’t here anymore, and because I only have so much RECAP MARROW I can give, let’s discuss last night’s trippy events in an Open Thread, since we really enjoy everyone’s comments on the Walking Dead & Game Of Thrones Recaps.

We’ve got three plotlines occurring simultaneously but playing out in succession, in a sort of “Run Mad Men Run” experimental format (Matthew Weiner says in the AMC “Inside The Episode” that the structure was modeled after a Max Ophüls anthologized French film, but “Run Mad Men Run” is fun to say). We’ve got:

Plot 1: Peggy flips out during her Heinz presentation (I like that the Heinz guy was instantly offended; on a lesser show, he would’ve pulled the “I have never in my life been so…IMPRESSED!!!! Here’s $9 billion ketchup buckz!!!”), then she gets high and gives a stranger a handjob, in a scene right out of the 60s anti-weed educational film “The Grass Isn’t Groovier On The Other DIED.”

Plot 2: Roger and Jane experiment with LSD, revealing Roger’s ultimate truth: That his relationship with Jane is over, and that he constantly wishes for Don to be behind him in the mirror at all times. Time for Roger and Joanie to finally start a functional relationship? DEAR LORD.

Plot 3: Don semi-forces Megan to accompany him upstate to the flagship Howard Johnson’s, leading to the most passive-aggressive sherbet-eating scene in television history. After Megan’s squeals of fake-delight, a nearby woman goes “I’ll have the sherbet she’s having” and the camera zooms in on a young Rob Reiner rubbing his chin.

So, Mad Men Episode 506 thoughts? Favorite / least favorite parts? Reactions to Peggy’s promiscuity and Don’s recurring dysfunctionality, or desires to drop LSD with Roger Sterling? Predictions for the rest of the season? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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