Man Rescues Squirrel With Its Head Trapped Inside A Bag And It’s Oddly Thrilling


Here’s a video of a squirrel with its head trapped inside a small snack bag (it’s unclear whether the bag is manmade or if it’s the squirrel’s own brand of snacks), and the filming onlooker who takes note of the squirrel’s semi-humorous predicament then vows to save him. I was more invested in the characters in this film than in any of the Transformers movie, including the one where Bumblebee got his head stuck in a bag for 35 minutes.

This reminds me of the time (true story!) friends and I rescued a rat whose head was stuck in a crisscross-patterned trashcan in Manhattan, though in retrospect, I really hope that rat didn’t go on to Saving Private Ryan one of my other friends after I let him go…

(Arbroath, via Dlisted)

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