Justin Bieber, Writing A Song About Mariah Yeater Is Probably Not Your Wisest Move


Justin Bieber
says his new album is all about self expression, so much so that he wrote a song about the most controversial incident of his past year. “I’ve written a song about that whole situation with that girl who said she’s having my baby, Mariah Yeater. I’ve written about my mom, loads of things I’m going through,” he told Heat magazine at a listening party in London on Monday. This was just two days after he tweeted about Yeater with a link to a clip of Borat saying, “You will never get this.” Which, before that, most of us had pretty much forgotten all about her, hadn’t we? She dropped the paternity suit against him back in November, and he took the paternity test anyway. We assumed, and a PR expert agreed, that this was because he wanted to shut the story down for good. So why bring it up again, Justin? Doesn’t writing a song about a crazy chick you never met just kind of encourage more crazy chicks to come out of the woodwork, in the hopes that you’ll write songs about them one day, too?

Or, maybe this has nothing to do with Yeater. Maybe he fears that his cozy, calm relationship with Selena Gomez has kept him out of the headlines for too long, which can’t be good when you’re trying to promote new music. And speaking of Gomez, we wonder how she’s going to take this boastful statement he made to Heat: “Yeah, I think I’m a great boyfriend because you have to be honest and patient with girls… ‘Cause sometimes they can give you a headache.” Oh, really, JB? Well, at least he recovered with this advice, which we want all the men in our lives to take in: “If you spend time doing things from the heart, then girls like that kinda thing. Presents are just something from the store.”

Also, he better being doing something “from the heart” with Selena soon, just so she knows that the hot and heavy scenes (pictured above) he shot with a model for his “Boyfriend” video were purely acting.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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