We Get It, Kim Kardashian And Kanye West. You Guys Are Together


Kim Kardashian may not be Kanye West‘s Beyonce, but she’s still his special girl! This is still blowing our minds, guys. For real. And it’s not like they’re being shy about showing off their burgeoning boo-ness for each other. Consider the photographs above. They were taken outside New York’s Catch restaurant, and later at night after the Kardashians attended the opening of Scott Disick‘s new restaurant, RYU. Look at their faces. They knew that them holding hands was going to make our brains melt, so they did it anyway. Just for fun, like ha ha, take that suckers, see you in hell. Okay, we’re digressing into dramatics, but you catch our drift. Ever since Kim and Kanye got together, we’ve felt like there’s been this quantum shift in the pop-culture universe and we’re still trying to acclimatize. Kim’s bling in the photographs after the jump don’t really help to calm us down in any way. “KW” earrings, anyone? KW? Those are Kanye’s initials, right? Our point exactly … Behold.

They exist, guys. She’s actually wearing “KW” earrings.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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