Twitter, You Should Be Seriously Ashamed Of Your New Justin Bieber “Nickname”


Come on, you guys! Seriously? We leave Twitter alone for two seconds and you turn around and start nicknaming Justin Bieber‘s….how do we put this delicately…wiener? You start nicknaming Justin Bieber‘s wiener? Wow, and here we thought you had some tiny shred of decency or class left in those Bieber-loving bodies. We were so, so wrong…and we love it.

Let’s get the facts straight first, shall we? Not only did you all endow the Biebs’ junk with the silliest nickname we can imagine and have said nickname blow up on Twitter, you also inadvertently forced Justin Bieber to talk about Jerry during his interview with Britain’s Capital FM. You guys are literally evil geniuses. “My fans are kind of inappropriate,” Justin awkwardly laughed when quizzed about the Jerrmeister by host James Barr. “But it’s funny.” As for why his fans picked such a normal sounding dude’s name for his unmentionables, Bieber was at a complete loss. “I don’t know! They just named it!” he signed. They. Just. Named. It. This is the true power of social media right here, people. The weird, totally perverted power of social media. Bravo to all of you, for real.

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