“Super Mario Summary” Is All The Frustration Of Regular Mario Bros In Half The Time!


Today’s awesome “Because It’s The Internet” find comes to us from Johan Peitz, who designed this nerdily impressive “Super Mario Summary”, which is every level from Super Mario Bros. 1 re-imagined as one screen apiece and playable with a keyboard.

It may take a tiny fraction of the amount of time as actually playing through NES Mario Bros, but it fully captures all the nostalgia-inducing frustration of the original, right down to causing me to yell “I F***ING HIT ‘JUMP’!” out loud in my office just now while VH1 was filming a segment for a morning show and I hope the mics picked that up.

Whenever you get a spare second/day, check out the game here. I wish I could play more, but I have to…what’s that? You all want me to take the day off from work and just play Super Mario Summary and try to get all the coins and the highest flagpole ratings? FINNNNEEEEE, if you insist! You can keep looking at the pics of Hugh Grant and the World’s Fattest Cat in the meantime.

(Thanks, @matthewkfanclub!)

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