Victoria Beckham Makes A Very Posh Fashion Film … About A Car


Victoria Beckham doesn’t just design clothes anymore. She also designs cars. No, seriously guys. The Poshest of all the spices just teamed up with Land Rover to design the new luxury Range Rover Evoque. That’s why she’s in China right now! Because that’s where the first of the £80,000 cars are being sold. As the car was unveiled in Beijing, she said, “It’s a great honour. I wanted to design a car that I want to drive and that David would want to drive. I want a car that reflects my personality. I’m really proud of this car.”

But forget all that for now. What we’re interested in is this super arty fashion film she made for the car along with Brit uber photographer Nick Knight. She’s wearing her own clothes in the video, of course. It’s so slick and sexy that we’re having trouble believing it’s to pimp out a car. Even a 80,000 pound one. Vicky looks better in this than she ever has. Watch it and let us know if you agree.

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