Wiz Khalifa Busted For…Oh Come On, You Know What He Was Busted For


According to TMZ, Wiz Khalifa was busted for marijuana possession because of course he was. This is Wiz Khalifa we’re talking about! He’s making a stoner comedy…with Snoop Dogg! How many other people on the planet have a seven minute joint rolling tutorial on YouTube? Huh? Okay, probably a lot, but Wiz is certainly one of them!

Amber Rose‘s man has never been shy about his overwhelming love of ganja, at least not if his Instagrams have anything to say about it. While staying at a Holiday Inn in Nashville, Tennessee, police reportedly showed up to the rapper’s room after a fellow patron complained about the intense smell of marijuana, a feature which was almost certainly not mentioned in the Holiday Inn brochure. When confronted by the authorities, Wiz allegedly “tossed” a bag of weed in an attempt to hide it, but of course police located it. Wiz just…threw a bag of marijuana somewhere? Unless he could throw it onto a moving train, that plan was clearly not going to pan out. Luckily for Wiz, he only ended up with a citation. Hmnm, maybe this happened on 4/20 and the police were feeling generous? Or maybe they were feeling generous because they got to meet Wiz Khalifa? Yeah, it was definitely one of the two!

[Photo: Twitter]

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