10 Randomly Hot Moments In The Life Of Birthday Boy Channing Tatum


Some of us didn’t totally get this Channing Tatum thing right off the bat. He’s not your classically handsome star … not until he opens his mouth or his shirt, preferably both. Now we all get it, and he’s Hollywood’s go-to guy for action flicks, buddy pics, rom-coms and stripper movies (please, more stripper movies; there is no way Magic Mike is going to be enough). Seriously, he’s in five major movies this year. Today, Channing and his abs turn 32, and while a lot of people are looking back at all his sexy, sweet and super-awesome movie moments, we thought we’d take a different tack and look at a completely random collection of his hottest non-movie moments. Because he cannot be contained by just one medium. Here are 10 images from his “dancing” career, his modeling days, his regular (not at all regular) life, his superb fundraising efforts and more.

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10. Modeling for Sean John in 2003
9. Spinning for Pepsi
8. Being modest on the set of Magic Mike
7. “Exotic” dancing
6. Vaca with the wifey, Jenna Dewan-Tatum
5. Blue Steel for Nautica Fall 2003
4. Chillin’ with his momma
3. Married life
2. Dirty dancing for the rainforest
1. Heating up Rock Center on Saturday Night Live

[Photos: Getty Images, NBC]

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