Hulk Hogan Wants His Sex-Tape Screen Grabs Off The Internet, Now!


Remember we told you there was a Hulk Hogan sex tape in existence last month, right? If your brain protectively wiped that memory, we’ll remind you: This tape, unearthed by Vivid Entertainment, features him getting it on with a naked unidentified woman, whose name Hulk can’t remember. And this bit brings on the LOLs again — the Hulk apparently tells her, in the video, “I started to work out again.” Best of all, his “thong-shaped tan line” is in full view. He insists that he doesn’t know who the woman was because he was on a four-month sex-and-booze binge at the time the tape was shot, saying, “During that time, I don’t even remember people’s names, much less girls.”

Unfortunately, the tape has reared its ugly head again (sorry). TMZ reports that black-and-white screen grabs from the sex tape have surfaced on the interwebz, on, last week to be precise, and more photographs have been published after. And Hogan is hulking out and threatening legal action against TheDirty’s editor Nik Richie. His lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter to Richie, which stated, “As you know, should a sex tape or photographs of Mr. Bollea [Hogan’s real name] exist, they were taken without his consent and therefore the same would constitute a felony in the State of Florida.” Apparently, the site doesn’t care and still has the photographs up. Do we smell a hard-core legal battle brewing? We think so!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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