Seeing Snooki’s Ultrasound: Just One Of The Many Excellent Moments In The Snooki & JWoww Trailer


“Honestly I really didn’t know I could make a baby. So the fact I can reproduce is really scary.” And with those priceless words, the trailer for the upcoming Snooki & JWoww show makesĀ  us a promise. A promise to give us so much bronzed insanity come June 3, our minds will be reduced to a pile of Red Bull cans, baby blankets and crimson weave. We would feel ashamed at our level of excitement about seeing it if we didn’t know you secretly feel the exact same way. So…want to see Snooki‘s ultrasound from the trailer again? We know you do:

A-mah-zing. Besides that glimpse at Snooki’s unborn prodigy, the trailer offers a host of many other truly amazing moments. We might have seen some of them while the girls were shooting in Jersey City this winter, but our favorites so far include:

  • JWoww and Snooki’s pink and purple dogs.
  • Snooki cradling a fake baby as if it were her own.
  • Snooki peeing her pants in an elevator.
  • Roger giving cranky driving lessons.
  • Snooki falling over.
  • Snooki screaming.
  • Snooki falling over while screaming.

Look, this list could easily be 125 entries long, because that is how many seconds of delight the trailer has delivered unto us, but hey, you’ve seen it. We don’t have to tell you twice. Thank you for this, Snooki and JWoww (and to a lesser degree, Roger and Jionni); we cannot want to see more. Especially more falling down.

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