Taylor Swift, Dianna Agron Play Dress-Up In Honor Of Shirley MacLaine’s Birthday


Who would have thought that Shirley MacLaine‘s 78th birthday would have caused such a commotion? We do love her, but 78 seems a rather random number to go all out for? You’re wondering whether we’re talking about what Shirley’s friends or family ended up doing for her bday, right? Wrong. Try Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift and their merry bunch of pals. They decided to get together, quirkpots that they are (and they do want you to know it), and as Taylor explained on Twitter, “We dressed up full-time fancy and went out in celebration of Shirley MacLaine’s birthday.” She retweeted a couple too, like this one, which read “Always something to celebrate… Today it was Shirley.”  The next one said, “Oh ya know, just a regular Tuesday night.”  Each of the messages had a photographs attached to it, like the one you see above and the one below.

Dianna also got into the action tweeting, “Had a long day & don’t know what to celebrate later…? Because you need a moment to be young? Find your moments… ” We already knew that Dianna and Taylor were besties, which seems appropriate because they seem cut from the same cloth. Blond, slender, slightly retro sensibilities, super successful, offbeat senses of humor … but now we know they have a whole gang of girls who are just like that! Like attracts like. And yes, these pictures made us smile, so mission successful ladies. Take a gander at a couple more, to get on board!

[Photos via Twitter]

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