So…What Would A Snow White And The Huntsman Sequel Be About, Exactly?


Despite what the Brothers Grim might have told us, Snow White apparently has a few other options besides just living happily ever after. She can also keep on kicking ass. At least, that’s what our modern-day Snowie will probably end up doing, seeing as how Universal Pictures is already talking about a Snow White and The Huntsman sequel. According to Deadline, screenwriter David Koepp is currently “in discussions” with the studio to write the follow-up to the upcoming film. We’re not ready to move on to a gritty re-envisioning of The Little Mermaid yet? Yeah, you’re right. Save it for 2014!

Seeing as how Universal didn’t balk at releasing Snow White and The Huntsman after rival Snow White film Mirror/Mirror this year, we’re guessing they won’t hesitate that long before deciding to give us even more hardcore fairy tale action. The only question in our minds is: what would the plot of a Snow White and The Huntsman sequel even be? We’d rather be sealed in a glass coffin than see a Snow White II without Charlize Theron‘s evil queen, but having her survive the first film seems a little anticlimactic. And of course Kristen Stewart would be required return as the lead, or else we will eat this poison apple right here, right now. Oh, you think we won’t? Why else would we keep one on our desk, Mr. Koepp? Great, glad we understand each other. Just send us that first draft whenever you get a chance; we are literally dying to read it.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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