10 New Photos Of Downton Abbey SEASON THREE!


Here are 10 new photos of the cast of Downton Abbey filming Season 3, slated to air in England this coming September (and on PBS in January of 2013). The photos are somewhat mundane, but we know how absurd Season 2 of the show got, so we can only assume that they’re actually photos of EVEN CRAZIER STUFF happening that we just don’t know yet.

Here are the 10 Downton Abbey Season 3 photos, along with our educated guesses of what is probably happening:


OH MY GOD IT’S CARSON! Where is he walking? To Downton Abbey to arrange silverware? To a new RIVAL Abbey, UPTON Abbey? Or he’s dead and his spirit is returning to haunt Thomas for using the incorrect livery for Tuesday night soup with a young up-and-coming politician named WINSTON CHURCHILL?


The entire Third Season is filmed first-person from Lord Grantham’s perspective, and this is everyone smiling at him.


A time-traveler arrives in a Northface jacket holding a Styrofoam coffee cup, and Matthew Crawley interprets the cup’s thermal properties as a sign that him and Mary will never work out.


Daisy walks her bike through the streets and says to herself “I wish this bicycle could fly like a bird, instead of being a PLANE old bike” and the camera zooms in on the Wright Brothers going “hmmmmmmmmmmm” for 4 minutes. Or they might be Thomson and Thompson from Tintin.


Lady Edith gets a full-on Face/Off style face-switch and is now this person. Her ability to drive in 2 episodes so her character has something to do remains unaffected.


This car starts World War II.


Here, a local clergyman discusses that paralysis is, medically speaking, “a sign of God’s true love”, whereas sudden miraculous leg-recovery can only be the work of The Devvil (British Devil).


Daisy gets yelled at by this dude in the rain.


The ongoing feud between Isobel Crawley and Violet is finally solved when they’re both sealed in one of these newfangled “watered bottles” and forced to work things out (which they mostly do!)


The Dowager Countess and Mr. Bates combine and are this guy.

(Pics via Splash News)

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