Judd Apatow, Mad Men’s Rich Sommer, More Share Their Grossest New York Moments At Tribeca


There are many ways to tell whether you are truly a New Yorker or just one of the millions just stopping through — and I’ve always contended that you really know you’ve arrived when you witness someone taking a crap in the middle of the street. We are not alone in this. And that’s why VH1 News asked the glamorous stars, from NYC and Hollywood alike, attending the Tribeca Film Festival for the past two weeks to share their grossest New York moment. Just so we know where they stand.

“I one day saw the entire journey of a turd,” Mad Men star Rich Sommer said. “I was walking through Union Square and saw a man creating it, and then I walked by later in the day and it was still there, and then I walked by like four hours later and it was gone.”

Malin Akerman defines gross a little differently. “For those New Yorkers that have never been to the Box…” she began, talking about the risque burlesque club. “If you want to call it ‘burlesque’ — I have seen some of the grossest things ever at the Box.”

Judd Apatow has scary, rather than disgusting memories of his childhood in the city. “I kind of remember almost getting robbed when I was a kid on 8th Avenue, but now 8th Avenue is like the Disney store,” he said.

Rob Aguire, producer of the Chris Colfer-penned movie Struck by Lightning, recalled a very Carrie Bradshaw moment for us: “Everybody has that New York moment when it’s raining, and you’re standing on the sidewalk and suddenly you see a bus coming towards you and you look down and there’s a giant puddle, and before you have a chance to react the bus is already cruising through the puddle and it’s getting all over you, in your mouth and your nose and your eyes and all you can do is laugh.”

The Wire alum Michael K. Williams must have some really good New York stories, but decided we were too sensitive to hear them. “You do not want to know the grossest thing that I’ve seen. I’m born and raised in the city. There’s very little I haven’t seen. Very little.”

What’s your gross New York story? (Just last month, a man puked into his gym bag sitting next to me on the way to work. He then zipped the bag back up and went about his business!) Share your own in the comments!

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