Spoon Grandma Covers The Black Keys On Spoons ‘Cause Spooners Gonna Spoon


Here’s a video of an Australian spoon-playing grandma doing a spoon-tacular cover of The Black Keys’ song “Lonely Boy (Gonna Make U Spoon)”. That parenthetical isn’t part of the original song title, but she made it appear by spooning so spoontacularly.

She spends the first 45 seconds of the video surrounded by kangaroos, but that’s only because all Australians are constantly surrounded by gangs of kangaroos at all times (I used to room with an Australian dude and every morning I’d be like “good morning, my girlfriend!” and she would roll over and it was just a kangaroo and I’d go “c’mon, Roo!”)

Also, her name is Deb “Spoons” Perry, which is exactly what you want it to be:

Cool – can I also request a cover of Soundgarden’s “Spoonman”? Ahhhh, Deb “Spoons” Perry must get that all the time, never mind. Do “Blackhole Sun”.

(via Dlisted)

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