The Five-Year Engagement: The Bunny Suit, Vintage Chic And An “Adorable Disaster” Explained


In case you haven’t gathered from our Jason Segel gushing earlier this week, The Five-Year Engagement has landed pretty high on our list of all-time great romantic comedies. It’s funny, believable and moving without ever feeling too, well, rom-com-ish. Also, it’s really great to look at. Which is why we were thrilled that the movie’s costume designer, Leesa Evans, who was the mastermind behind Bridesmaids’ great looks last year, got on the phone with VH1 Celebrity to chat about her work. She’s a longtime collaborator with director/writer Nick Stoller and writer/star Segel, which means her job is a whole lot more than putting actors in pretty dresses and hip T-shirts.

“During the design process and the fitting process you come up with things that feel right for the characters that weren’t written but add to the development of the character absolutely,” Leesa explained. Things like, the fact that at the “Dress as Your Favorite Superhero” New Year’s Eve party where Violet (Emily Blunt) and Tom (Jason Segel) first meet, Violet is dressed as Princess Diana and Tom is wearing a giant pink bunny suit. “I said, ‘We’ve got to put him in the most adorable ridiculous thing that a big guy could ever wear. … How about a pink bunny?’ And we all laughed so hard that that was it. There was never a discussion of anything else because seeing Jason in a bunny suit would just make us all laugh so much.”

Peruse this gallery are more of Leesa’s stories behind the looks from The Five-Year Engagement:

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