The Wanted Call “Scary” Christina Aguilera A “Total B—” Following The Voice Appearance


Whoa! What is with the manners on boy bands these days? You never heard 98 Degrees talking smack about…well, it would have been Christina Aguilera back then too. In a recent interview with New York’s 92.3, the British lads of The Wanted started ripping on Xtina after what was apparently a very chilly appearance on The Voice last week. “She’s a total b—-!” bandmember Tom Parker declared, before conceding, “She might not be a b—- in real life, but she was a b—- to us. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.” Man, as if we didn’t miss sweethearts like the Backstreet Boys already. Which we totally did!

We guess The Wanted have always been a little edgier than pop sweet hearts like Justin Bieber, but this level of douchiness seems totally uncalled for. Unless Christina Aguilera personally spat on each and everyone one of their microphones before the show, we don’t really get where all this rage is coming from. In case we didn’t get how gross the guys though Christina was, Max George took time out to contrast “scary” Aguilera with American Idol‘s lady judge Jennifer Lopez. “Yeah, well J.Lo’s hot,” he laughed. “Christina’s nothing special.”  Ew you guys. Boyz II Men would be so ashamed of all of you.

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