We Need An Explanation For This Kanye West Wardrobe Malfunction Immediately. Immediately.


Kanye West, we’re going to need you to break down for us, in extreme detail, why your pants straight-up fell off while you were on a date with Kim Kardashian in New York this weekend. Now, some of people might be content to assume that Yeezy was merely sagging his pants (like you do) and that things got out of hand when he tried to move into a standing position from a car. We hear what those people are saying and they might have a point…if those weren’t leather pants. We’ve seen Friends; we know leather pants are the hardest trouser to remove from the human body. The sweat factor alone makes it almost impossible!

Not that it’s anything we haven’t seen before (Kanye West nude pics, anyone?), but because we have human brains and we need a logical explanation for everything, we tried desperately to come up with a rational for what fate befell Kanye’s pants. Do you buy any of these?

  • Too much swag stuffed into Yeezy’s pockets made his pants rocket toward the earth like a calfskin meteorite.
  • Kanye is trying to get exposed man-thigh to happen for Summer 2011. Stop trying to make man-thigh happen, Kanye! It’s not going to happen!
  • Something seedy and sexual that we don’t even want to deal with. Get it right, you two!
  • That’s it! Those are literally the only explanations we can thing of, because this makes no sense!

Whatever it is, at least we can be sure it’s not some kind of PR stunt. Right, Kim and Kanye?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

Awww…you guys are gross. And we love it!

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