Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker Battle Over Who Has The Better Butt


In an excerpt from tonight’s MTV First interview with Battleship stars Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard, the actors are asked perhaps the most important question of their careers: Is it frustrating not to be the only dazzlingly beautiful person in the room? The answer, predictably, is hilarious. Also, it reminded us of how truly funny Rihanna can be. (Of course, I had to watch this clip twice to gather that much, because the first time I was just daydreaming about raising athletic blond and brunette children on a secluded island getaway with my two new husbands …)

“Sorry, can you repeat that question? I got lost in these eyes,” Skarsgard joked, echoing my own thoughts as he held up a photo of himself.

“It’s very frustrating, actually. It’s probably the most frustrating part of doing movies,” Rihanna chimed in. Nodding to Decker, she added, “I envy her boobs.”

“I envy this ass, are you kidding me?” the model-actress retorted.

“What ass?” Rihanna responded. “Your ass is bigger than mine!”

“We could trade for a day. Want to?” Brooklyn asked, thus maintaining world peace. Here, in case you needed reminding to settle this debate for yourself, is a better look at both ladies from behind.

[Photos: Universal Pictures, Getty Images]

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