Paulina Gretzky’s “Shocking” Bikini Instagrams Should Really Be Promoting Something


Paulina Gretzky Instagram photos

We know lots of Canadians. They’re not really all that prudish. So we kind of wonder why it is that the Vancouver Sun reacted so strongly to the latest photos posted by Wayne Gretzky’s 23-year-old daughter Paulina Gretzky, calling them “shocking,” “dirty” and “disturbing.” And then linking to a whole slideshow of said pics with a big old warning. Which we clicked. (Oh, wait. Now we get it: Canadians are kind of smarter than us.) Aaaanyway. The photos show her in a bikini, drinking beer and hanging out (maybe spreading her legs here and there, but seriously, they are no Kate Upton video) with her friends in Las Vegas.

If you recall, Paulina made headlines last November after her sexy pics caught the attention of the blogosphere, and then of her disapproving hockey legend dad, and she subsequently went on Twitpic hiatus. But lately, she’s been posting Twitpics and Instagrams all the time — most of them totally family friendly. And the others just seem to show the girl having a damn good time and acting like your typical, filthy-rich 20-something. She’s since taken down a few of the pics that feature raunchier poses, though.

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All of this still leads us to wonder: What’s Paulina’s next move? She made an effort to launch a pop music career a few years ago, and she’s modeled a bit. Now that she has all this amazing free publicity for simply partying, we think it’s time to strike. Reality show? Fashion line? Acting? Starting a media empire? It’s now or never … or the next time you go to a house party, Paulina.

[Photos: Instagram, Vancouver Sun]

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