Third And Final The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Blows Our Minds


We clearly have not been up to speed with our The Dark Knight Rises knowledge so this third and final trailer of the movie has excited us immensely. We were thrilled to see more glimpses into Anne Hathaway‘s character and style. That split-second image of her in the hat with the brim pulled down and glasses , so all you can see is bright red lips … that floored us. The scene of her dancing with Christian Bale later? That also floored us. And towards the end, when she’s in the car-jet hybrid with Batman? Yep … floored us.

Is it just us but does her character Catwoman seem more sympathetic in this film? That could be just the trailer because we know she’s the associate of Tom Hardy‘s character, Bane. Speaking of which, his scenes give us the chills. This may be the most terrifying supervillain in the Batman series yet. We all know how the Bale films are the far opposite of camp, so when Bane unleashes his terror onscreen, they don’t hold back. We gritted our teeth during the scene where he tells Bale, after much torture evidently, “Your punishment must be more severe.” What the trailer, folks. It’s almost poetic.

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