As If Getting Into A Tiny Bikini For Terry Richardson Wasn’t Enough, Kate Upton Goes (Nearly) Topless


Kate Upton Poses Topless For Terry Richardson

When we look at photographs like these, we realize that Kate Upton was probably put on this earth to make the rest of us want to crawl under a rock and sob into our Cheetos. It’ s a very specific kind of karma, but someone’s got to do it. Which is why we can’t understand this. Why would someone as blessed as Kate Upton — don’t kid yourselves guys, God ordained that body — want to hang out with someone as skeezy as Terry Richardson?¬†Wasn’t Cat Daddy enough? We’re still looking at Terry as Quagmire from Family Guy after his very enthusiastic “alright” right after adjusting Upton’s bikini strap in the video. Actually, while we’re asking questions — how does someone like Terry Richardson manages to get someone like Kate Upton to writhe so seductively that Youtube ends up banning their collaborative video? Which is also weird because granted that Kate was wearing the tiniest bikini ever known to mankind, but there was no nudity of any kind.

Which directly leads to our next point. We thought that Kate had paid her dues by posing for Terry in scraps of fabric. But the photographer’s site revealed that the model busting a move for him (and the rest of the world) was just the tip of the iceberg. A new batch of pictures have surfaced on the site of Kate, softly lit and glowing, nearly topless, but not quite. She’s hiding her modesty by crossing her arms over her chest. Not that it still isn’t NSFW, but if there’s anyone worth the risk, it’s Kate. You’re probably heading to the gallery right now to illustrate our point.

[Photos: Terry’s Diary]

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