Eminem’s Daughter Twitter Hoax Drama: Will The Real Hailie Jade Mathers Please Stand Up?


Anyone even remotely familiar with Eminem‘s music knows that the dude has some family issues. The inspiration behind many of his greatest and most passionate tracks stems from his love of daughter Hailie Jade and his constant struggle with estranged wife Kim Scott for custody. So when Buzzfeed published photos from what was reportedly the now-16 year-old’s Twitter yesterday, the internet flocked to get a look at the muse behind classics like The Marshall Mathers LP and The Slim Shady LP. The only problem? It might not be her. Last night Eminem’s manager fired off some tweets of his own denying that Hailie had a twitter, and by this afternoon her alleged page had vanished.

This isn’t the first time an apparent Hailie Mathers twitter hoax has been let loose on an unsuspecting inter-webs. In March of 2011 a young woman made headlines for posing as Em’s lil girl, before his management debunked the imposter. Which makes sense considering the fact that each photo tweeted from the account looked like totally different people. See for yourself:

And for the past few years, photos have been floating around depicting Hailie Jade as a freshmen cheerleader.

We were able to snag some tweets and photos from this newest feed before it was taken down today. In our opinion, these latest alleged photos of Hailie bear a much stronger resemblance to her famous father than any of the others posers. She has his trademark pissed off stare down pat, and plus the threads. Hell, even the puppy is throwing some serious shade.

[Photo: Twitter/Getty]

What if the tweeter known as “@hailiejade_x” really is Eminem’s daughter! Maybe the press attracted by her twitter made her father lose his famous temper? After all, she even admitted that he’s not too fond of the lime light these days.

Or perhaps he’s angry that a ton of the pictures depict his high-schooler daughter illegally drinking Smirnoff Ices.

Or maybe the streetwise Slim is just embarrassed that she tweeted about having Bieber fever and loving One Direction.

So what do you think, dear readers? Is this latest twitter feed just another hoax, or have we finally located the online identity of one of the most legendary children in music history? It’s like an internet Anastasia tale! Who will take their rightful plaec as the princess of white rap? Check out photos of the latest “Hailie Mathers” in the gallery below, and compare with these confirmed sightings. Who do you think is the real Hailie Jade Scott Matters?

[Photo: Twitter/Getty/Twitter]

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