Were Rihanna And Meek Mill On A Date At The Strip Club?


Rihanna and Meek Mill Stripper Club

If there’s one thing we absolutely know about Rihanna, it’s that she doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of her living her life to the fullest. In typical badass Riri form, the pop singer shows off how she relieves stress, posting two Instagram pictures of herself enjoying the “best stress reliever,” which in this glam girl’s world means making it rain on scantily clad dressed strippers. Mocking critics who have condemned her for not behaving like a role model she added the hashtags to the picture of an unknown stripper backing it up on her: “#RoleModelS— #NaviS—.”

It just so happens that on the same night, rapper Meek Mill tweeted he was at Perfections strip club in Queens, New York. “Dese stripping [sic] acting like goldfish wen u drop food in da tank! Every time i throw money they scrambling on da floor!” he tweeted. No big deal, right? Well, word quickly spread that the two were at the same strip club together, as in on a date. Compare that to your last dinner-and-a-movie night out. The photos added fuel to the recent rumors of the two spending a lot of time together in L.A., according to Allhiphop.com. Back in February the two retweeted each other’s song lyrics sending the gossip mill on a frenzy. After last night’s excursion, MissInfo.TV is claiming the background in the infamous stripper photos are mighty similar. Maybe Rihanna likes unconventional dates, or Meek Mill could be her new homie lover friend. Can’t a girl go out with her male friends in peace? Not when you’re Rihanna. And especially not when you Instagram the strip fest for the world to see.

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[Photo: Rihanna’s Instagram, Meek Mill’s Instagram]

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