Why Exactly Is Megan Fox Posing In Lingerie For Sharper Image?


Megan Fox Poses For Sharper Image Campaign

So, correct us if we’re wrong, but Sharper Image is a technology brand, right? They deal with all sorts of wizard-like gadgetry, if we’re not mistaken. So why exactly do they have Megan Fox stretched out on a bed with sexily mussed-up sheets in thigh-high stockings for their new campaign? We get that Megan is the sharper image here … but why, guys? It was only only on closer inspection that we realized that she’s holding a tablet in her hand. There’s the link to electronics! It’s totally legit now to have her pose in lingerie for something that is very, very loosely woven to her Transformers role. The tablet’s going to transform into one of Optimus Prime’s dudes! Now, how do we explain the fur throw? Is it faux? Is she trying to send out subliminal messages for PETA? Who knows guys. The Sharper Image guys went deep for this.

[Photo via Us Magazine]

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