Bic Razor Commercial Encourages You To “Get Stroked” Before Your Pervert Wedding


Can’t you people have some goddamn decency for once? You are at your wedding, for chrissakes! Granted it is a wedding between two complete perverts, blessed by their debased patriarch, but still! That doesn’t mean everyone should be smirking about “getting stroked” by Bic razors, as if that were some clever double entendre. It’s not even a single entendre! No one calls shaving “stroking”! I hope you perverts are very, very, very happy together!

That mother-in-law is the only one having an appropriate reaction to this whole barf fest. Her’s must be a lonely life, a normal among total pervs. Every family event completely ruined by a gaggle of leering weirdos…

(Everything Is Terrible)

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