Kristen Wiig’s Tan Mom Impression On SNL Is Sssssmokin’! Literally. From All The Tanning.


Even now, as I type this, I can feel Tan Mom slipping away from us. We’ve had her for what, five days now? That’s already an eon in viral video time. Soon she will have passed from the face of the Internet as we move on to other weird moms, other hand-holding otters, other maniacally laughing babies. The Internet wasn’t built to hold one as singular as Patricia Krentcil for long, so I’m glad she was at least paid the honor of memorialized by Kristen Wiig on Weekend Update this Saturday. May she keep on toasting bread between her thighs, and in our hearts, forever.

Unless she keeps up her real-life beef with Snooki, then we might get her for a few extra days. TAN MOM 4 LYFE.

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