Nostalgia Alert: Mr. Belding On Mad Men


Just weeks after Alex Mack showed up on Mad Men, last night, the show welcomed another nostalgia-inducing guest star into the fold: Dennis Haskins, aka Richard Belding from Saved By The Bell:

Belding Mad Men

Dennis Haskins Mad Men

Haskins played the small but entertaining role of a Cool Whip ‘test kitchen’ scientist with an inordinately casual relationship with his Cool-Whip-students who’s also constantly proctoring weekly Cool-Whip-school dances. (Also, the coolest Cool Whip employee used to be able to stop time and talk to the camera the first couple seasons but then they phased that out.)

NEXT WEEK ON MAD MEN – The search for Megan’s replacement comes down to a handful of candidates: Kel, Count Duckula, Small Wonder, Donnie Jeffcoat from Wild And Crazy Kids, Voltron’s left arm, and the fish from Eureeka’s Castle.

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