Watch Comedian Hasan Minhaj Completely Dismantle The Ashton Kutcher PopChips Ads


Ashton Kutcher PopChips Indian AdLast week, Ashton Kutcher starred in a commercial for PopChips as a brownfaced, Bollywood-ish Indian character declaring the chips to be “The Bombay”. The ads were promptly taken down after a number of negative responses, and PopChips semi-apologized, saying the ads were only meant in good fun.

Here’s a video response to the ads from comedian Hasan Minhaj, who makes a compelling and hilariously passionate case for why the ads aren’t just regular commercial stupid, but they’re actually offensively hyperterrible, both on a quasi-racist level and on a “basic comedic logic” level.

The video response itself is, ironically, really funny (language NSFW):

(via HuffPo Comedy)

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