What The Eff Is Up With James Franco’s Spring Breakers Gun Photo In Interview Magazine?


Look, we’ve been enjoying the non-stop parade of bikinis and peroxide and hijinks and corn-rowed James Franco from the set of Harmony Korine‘s upcoming movie Spring Breakers as much as anyone else. So why do we have to ruin the good times by seeing this photo of Franco pointing two guns at costars Ashley Benson’s and Vanessa Hudgens‘ heads in the latest issue of Interview magazine? Why? On a related note, what exactly is the message of this photo, taken by photographer Jonathan Durbin, when paired with all the florescent two-pieces and hysterical giggling in the other photos? “Woooo! Spring break! Massive head wounds are the shiznit! J├Ągerbombs! Tickets on sale now!” Thanks but no thanks, guys! We have to go stare at our hands and think about the nature of humanity when we could be logging onto Fandango.

Listen, we love boobs and butts and dude’s bare chests as much as the next blog. You know we do. Maybe more than anything, really. Plus, we know controversial and/or awful photos like this are usually taken for the express purpose of getting people all riled up, thus generating more buzz around a particular film. However! When it comes to gun violence, we are total prudes. Super prudes about guns being aimed at people’s heads, that’s us. Vanessa and Ashley, this is bad enough on your end, but Franco? We could not be more disappointed in you. Isn’t that shirt offensive enough?

[Photo: Interview Magazine]

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