Kristen Stewart Stepped On A Nail During Breaking Dawn Reshoots….What More Do You Want From Her?


Kristen Stewart has given you so much over the years: mad sneaker game, someone to vicariously kiss Robert Pattinson through, an excellent Snow White movie (we’re assuming)(based on the trailers). Now she’s even sacrificed the integrity of her foot to your insatiable thirst for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. When will it be enough? “Well, I’m starting a promotional tour, so I figured I needed to hurt myself,” Kristen joked after hobbling out for her interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night. “I promise you it’s not a ploy to wear flats.” We would never dream of it. Kristen allegedly sustained her injury while doing reshoots for the last vamp movie. “I stepped on a nail,” she explained. “Lucky me!” Man, is the fact that KStew would bleed for your love of Twilight finally enough? If not, is that Cosby sweater? Personally, that sweater is satisfying fashion needs we didn’t even know we had.

Even though it probably required a tetanus shot or two, it seems like the third round of reshoots was the cast’s last…meaning the series is truly over for Kristen. “Vampire Bella: goodbye!” Stewart laughed. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the woman flew from L.A. to New York after filming Kimmel just to give you the fierceness that was her Balenciaga color-block dress at the Met Gala last night. None of us are worthy. Not one of us.

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