T.O. Shamed By Three Of His Kids’ Mothers On Dr. Phil


T.O. on Dr. Phil, Deadbeat Dad

Terrell Owens holds many NFL records for being one of the best wide receivers in the league. But his football talents aren’t what made him a trending a topic on Twitter today. T.O. appeared on Dr. Phil this afternoon to address the deadbeat dad accusation that has hung over his head since the T.O. Show aired. NBC Sports reports that Owens opened up about making $80 million in his 15-year career, but has squandered nearly all of it. Lawdhavemercy. $80 million just gone.

T.O.’s money woes aren’t his only problem. Three of the four women he has children with joined him on Dr. Phil’s couch to talk about his absence from his children’s lives. According to USA Today, all three of the women claim he doesn’t take care of his kids. Kimber, the mother of 7-year-old Kylee, said, “He doesn’t call, he doesn’t send Christmas gifts,” and added that he’s only seen her daughter 12 times in her life. Wait, it gets worse better. T.O.’s reason for not seeing his kids is his hectic schedule. Hmmm. We’re not sure how hectic his schedule can be when he hasn’t played professional football since he was cut from the Bengals in 2010. “The thing is, with me traveling back and forth, I don’t have a set schedule,” Owens said. “Pretty much 90 percent of the time every time I’ve reached out, it’s been a bad time.”

Melanie, Mother No. 2, said she can never get in touch with him, and he admits he hasn’t seen that particular daughter, 7-year-old Dasha, in over a year. The third mother, Monique accused him of only spending time with their son, 12-year-old Terique who is T.O.’s oldest, for publicity, hoping it will improve his image. “He was trying to exploit his kid,” she said. His response was that he willingly increased her child support from $6,000 to eventually $12,000 a month. Between all four women, T.O. pays almost $50,000 a month in child support, which he’s trying to get reduced.

At the end of the episode, T.O. gave a sob story (that we already heard on his show) about his childhood, Dr. Phil lectured him briefly, and two of his kids were backstage ready to reunite with his dad. Thank goodness for that bright moment!

Headache, anyone? Now that T.O. is not playing football and no longer has a hit reality show, we hope he’ll take the time he needs to amend his relationship with his children. No one man should have all drama.

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