Rihanna Rushed To The Hospital After Met Gala, Raises Concerns Of Her Party Hard Lifestyle


rihanna rushed to hospital after met gala

Poor Rihanna. Putting out an album every year seems like it’s taking a toll on the singer’s health. Entertainment Tonight reports she was rushed to a New York City hospital after her fabulous attendance at the Met Gala Monday night. One of her followers asked her why she had been quiet all day when Rihanna replied by tweeting a photo of an IV in her arm. She didn’t give a reason why she was in the hospital, but according to Entertainment Tonight a source tells them she “had a fever and flu since last week and needed an IV but is fine now.”

We’re glad our favorite wild woman is out of the hospital and back home in L.A. Questions of whether or not Rihanna’s party hard lifestyle is catching up to her quickly surfaced after the she tweeted the picture. Perhaps it’s not the partying, but the fact that she’s, I don’t know, HUMAN. And you know, gets sick too. In addition to being human (I know it’s hard to believe because she’s so out of this world amazing), she works non-stop. Since her debut album in 2005, the only year she hasn’t released a record is 2008. There’s studio time, tours, interviews, red carpets, movie filming and of course, her rockstar lifestyle. Last October she was hospitalized with the flu while in Sweden and tweeted a similar photo, but got right back to the grind shortly after. We’re exhausted thinking about how much she works. Now that we know she had a justifiable reason for missing her SNL dress rehearsal (hear that SNL producers?), we’re wishing her a speedy recovery.

[Photo: Getty Images]

[Photo: Rihanna’s Twitter]

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