All Of MTV’s Favorite Snow White Interview Moments Are Our Favorite Moment


We’re pretty sure any time spent in a tight, lively semicircle with the main cast of Snow White and the Huntsman would be a string of potty-mouthed delights, which is why we appreciate MTV polishing their interview with the film’s stars Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin down to the shiniest, most precious nuggets for our enjoyment. With apologies to a mostly silent Claflin, our favorites of the favorites include:

  • Charlize’s explanation as to why they all agreed to stick around for the interview: “Well, we’re all tied to these chairs. What you can’t see is that we couldn’t leave if we wanted to.”
  • Kristen’s list of alternative uses for swords: “It’s a great back scratcher,” she explains, demonstrating with a blade. “You can lean on it when you get tired. You can f— people.” Kristen then jabs her prop sword at Charlize. Being on-set with these weirdos seems like it would have been heaven.
  • Chris’s axe-twirling and Charlize’s horrified squeal in response.
  • Best of all, KStew rushing to the defense of Theron’s evil queen. “I don’t like that word, by the way,” she declares, when a Twitter users asks if Theron enjoyed playing a “b—-.” Says Kristen, “She didn’t play a b—-.” A sweet thing to say, considering how malicious Theron’s queen gets with Stewart’s princess in the latest Snow White And The Huntsman clip. Are these guys blurring the line between the actor and the character a little bit? We don’t blame them. We did the same when Hemsworth started whipping that axe around. Dang, son…
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