Johnny Depp Shoots Down Rumors About His Split From Vanessa Paradis: “Absolutely Not True”


Johnny Depp Denies Split From Vanessa Paradis

Viva l’amour, ya’ll! While we were pleased as punch to hear Vanessa Paradis deny break-up rumors about her long-time lover Johnny Depp earlier this year, we still appreciated hearing Johnny set the world straight himself. “The rumors are not true. They are absolutely not true,” Depp told the U.K.’s The Sun while on the Dark Shadows premiere red carpet in London. We are just so glad these two are holding it down 14 years and two child later; it gives us hope for our own plans to marry an eccentric millionaire. Plus if they broke up, Johnny would probably have to fork over all his boho French cred. He’d be required to give back all his necklaces and start reminding people he’s actually from Owensboro, Kentucky. Hey, that’s how break-ups work over in Europe. We don’t make the rules!

When the split rumors first popped up in January, everyone immediately drew conclusions about the fact that Paradis hasn’t joined Depp on the red carpet in over a year and a half. All we have to say is…you don’t think she’s already been on roughly 5,000 of them? Maybe Vanessa just wants to stay home in whatever the French version of the Snuggie is. The woman puts up with those blue sunglasses, after all. Blue sunglasses! If Johnny’s choice of eyewear didn’t sink this relationship, we doubt anything could.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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