Lindsay Lohan Continues This Week’s Intense Caterpillar Eyebrow Trend


Lindsay Lohan, Kate Upton Wear A Strong EyebrowQuick, someone tell Laura San Giacomo that everyone in Hollywood is jacking her steez! Like all humans with eyes, we love a woman with a strong brow. If we could steal the top third of Lily Collins’ head, guys, we would. You know we would. After Lindsay Lohan showed up to the A&E Upfronts in New York with some incredibly dense brows, however, we realized that not all drawn-on eyebrows are made equal. Or rather, one insane Groucho Marx-style faux eyebrow is equal to three or four normal ones. Lilo isn’t the only one making an eyebrow statement, however. Lena Dunham kicked off the look on Girls this past week when her character Hannh got herself a pair of Joker-style eyeliner pencil brows. Coincidentally, Kate Upton also rocked some unnaturally dark numbers at this week’s Met Gala. Of course, Lena Dunham wore hers for comedic effect. Lindsay and Kate…what’s your excuse?

Get used to this look sticking around for a little while longer, thought. Based on the photographic evidence at hand, we must be on the cutting edge of something big. Need proof? Here are Lindsay’s eyebrows at the White House Correspondents Dinner two weeks ago versus the bad boys she airbrushed on last night. Were we exaggerating about them?

We were not exaggerating about them. Lindsay looks like she can barely keep her eyes open under the weight of those puppies. How can you even lift your eyebrow in disgust and disbelief with those? We guess we’ll just have to do it for you, ladies. In fact, we’re doing it now. You’re welcome!

[Photo: Getty Images/HBO/Splash News Online]

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