Madea’s Witness Protection Poster Is The Best Poster In Movie History So Let’s All Quit


Question: What’s the best movie poster of all time? WRONG! I don’t know what you said, but it’s wrong, unless you said “The new poster for Madea’s Witness Protection” because that is officially now the greatest movie poster / thing EVER MADE so SAY THAT FROM NOW ON:

Madea Witness Protection Poster

How would you parody this? Name one way to make this poster more ridiculous. Putting a neon green raccoon-vagina on a skateboard off to the right? Nope, that would just detract away from UNDERCOVER MUSTACHE EUGENE LEVY, thus diluting the poster’s ridiculousness.

The correct answer is, this is perfect and cannot be touched. End of discussion and poster making.

(Thanks, Henry! For sending the link, not designing the poster, as far as we know.)

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