Panther Kitten Squeaks The Exact Sound You Will Make When You Watch This


Panther Kitten InjuredWell, this is adorable but heartbreaking. Here’s a video of a Florida panther kitten who suffered head trauma in a car accident and is currently undergoing physical therapy, but likely won’t be able to return to the wild.

It is a very cute kitten, but holy crap, the squeaking sound it makes will DESTROY you. Note that the squeaking sound will be promptly followed by you making that same squeaking sound, then the sound of your heart cracking like the face from the You Can’t Do That On Television intro.

Watch, and try to cuddle this embed:

That sound is the unhandleable B-Side to the Baby Sloth squeaking.

And if that’s not heart-smashing enough, check out this photo of the panther undergoing physical therapy:

Wow. I’m going to spend the rest of the day lovingly hugging my own panther. Which is a yellow couch pillow. But still helps with the grief.

(video via Huffington Post, pic via FWC)

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