Robert Pattinson Freaks Us Out With David Cronenberg Homage, Talk Of “Balls”


Robert Pattinson in Premiere France

According to translations of the French Premiere magazine, it was Robert Pattinson’s idea to do a photo shoot re-creating scenes from David Cronenberg’s films to honor his Cosmopolis director. And by “honor,” we mean remind us how truly freaky films like Videodrome (which inspired the photo above) are, and how freaky Cosmopolis promises to be. The accompanying article includes this prize RPattz quote (via Us Weekly): “Filming Cosmopolis with David changed something in me. … It gave me balls.”

Robert Pattinson in Premere

Pattinson also talked to the mag about how he’s changed since filming the first Twilight. “Yes. I’m really different from who I was at the beginning of the saga. I got older. … When I’m going in the makeup trailer, I can see all these wrinkles that appeared since then. It’s really frightening. I got fatter as well. As I didn’t have any clothes when I started the first movie, I stole a few from the production at the end of the movie. I can’t even get in them anymore!

The fansite has a number of other photos from the shoot, featuring tributes to scenes from Dead Ringers and Scanners. We particularly like the ones of him doubled — because can you imagine how much more (movies, hilarious quotes, adorable photos) we’d get from a cloned Rob?

[Photos: Premiere.Fr]

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