Saved By The Bell‘s Lisa Turtle Falls Into The Hands Of The World’s Most Incompetent Makeup Artist


Lark Voorhies Wearing Horrible Makeup

We’re so excited! We’re so excited! We’re so…utterly confused! Buzzfeed brought our attention to actress Lark Voorhies‘ appearance in a recent Yahoo interview and we are simply horrified by what poorly-applied makeup can do to a woman. The bright circles under the eyes! The eyebrows drawn on with a washable marker! The blush. Oh god, the blush! If we had seen Lark about to go on camera with this face full of clown make-up, we would have made sure she was “saved by the bell.” The bell on the fire alarm! Which we would have pulled to cause a distraction in order to get her out of there!

Now, are we claiming Lark hasn’t allegedly had some, um, adjustments in the face area? No…no, we’re not saying that. Nor are we ignoring the fact that *cough* Larkprobablyappliedthatmakeupherself. We’re just saying a professional makeup person should have been called in to deal with this situation. Period. Want to know what Lark looks like when she doesn’t resemble a toddler’s drawing of Lisa Turtle? Check her out in a photo from 2010 after the jump. See what we mean? It’s mostly that blush!

[Photo: NBC/Yahoo]

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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