What The Hell Did Tyra Banks’ Makeup Artist Do To Her Face?


Tyra Banks at the Moth Ball

We need to sit down and have a little chat with Tyra Banks and her makeup artist. It’s obvious that they’ve had some sort of falling out and Tyra’s face has become some sort of payback. Because this look can only be attributed to a makeup artist’s revenge. Or some kind of joke. Thumb rule, ladies: don’t go big on both the eyes and the lips, unless it’s for a fashion editorial. Tyra’s expressions don’t exactly help her case here. She’s doing that thing with her eyes that she did at the Time 100 Gala that made us scream “WTF!“I t’s almost like she thinks she’s being … sexy? This is not sexy, Tyra and Ms. or Mister Makeup Artist. This is two-tone foundation, bright pink-purple lips and some weird form of black-gold smoky eye (which normally, looks great), that goes way up to her bleached eyebrows. All applied by the bucketload. It’s like Halloween! Only it’s not, and it’s the Moth Ball in New York, instead. This is the opposite of fierce. We’re now revoking her license to use that term.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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