Lady Gaga Slips An Electrical Tape Nip With, You Guessed It, Terry Richardson


Lady Gaga Poses With Terry Richardson

This guy again! Is Terry Richardson some kind of warlock? Don’t answer that; the world is not ready to know. After teaching Kate Upton how to Cat Daddy and doing an extensive photojournalistic study of Rihanna’s Daisy Dukes, Terry Richardson posted more of his concert travels with Lady Gaga who, for reasons unknown to the rest of mankind, took out one of the girls complete with an electrical tape pasty for Terry’s camera. “Me as Gaga… Gaga as Me in Tokyo,” the photographer wrote along with the pic. The resemblance is uncanny! It’s like we’re looking at two identically skeevy twins!

Well, at least Gaga’s looking frisky in her photo, which is nice to hear considering the non-stop barfing she’s apparently been doing while on tour. “Yes Tokyo! Tonight was the first BTWBall that I didn’t puke during show. (yes its that hard) xoxoxxxo Love, gaga+terry,” Gaga tweeted yesterday. Unless…unless Gaga being sick all the time somehow explains why she is constantly hanging out with Terry Richardson? Like somehow she got a brain worm that makes Terry seem like way less of a perv than he seems to be? There has to be some sort of explanation for all this, people! We demand an explanation!

[Photo: Terry Richardson]

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