Maurice Sendak Tribute Mural Is Wildly Excellent


It’s been a couple days since the passing of Where The Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak, and in the interest of “ok, now we’re ready for a happy thing,” check out this Sendak tribute-mural from Widen + Kennedy in Portland:

The space comes complete with a cardboard Max cutout encouraging patrons to “play Max,” as if we didn’t already do that 8,000 times in our heads when reading that book when we were little. Only in my version, the Ninja Turtles and Grimlock were also hanging out with the Wild Things and we all ate chicken fingers and watched Ninja Turtles (then the Turtles were like “Whoa, that’s our lives, dudes!” and their minds shattered with paradox.)

(My Modern Met, via The Daily What)

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