5 WTF Questions From The Vampire Diaries Season Finale


Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries season 3 finale

I’m not sure what hurts more after last night’s season three finale of The Vampire Diaries, my eyes from all the crying or my neck from all the head-spinning. Like every finale (and yeah, every other EPISODE) the show has given us before, this was a game changer for Elena, the Salvatores, their friends and their enemies. So, if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you definitely should stop reading now.

Though it was pure torment, I absolutely loved how everytime I started sobbing about a character dying, the next scene showed them to be alive and well. Perhaps because of all those twists, I was left feeling just a bit unsure about what went down after all. Here are my biggest questions — and a few answers.

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries

1. Wait, so who’s alive and who’s dead now? And which actors aren’t coming back next season?
Alaric, definitely. But maybe Matthew Davis will stick around as a friendly ghost, since Jeremy could really use a father figure around. Klaus was staked, but Bonnie did that spell that put him into Tyler’s body, the way he once possessed Alaric. So Tyler’s fine too. But does that mean Joseph Morgan’s gone? Not necessarily, according to what exec producer Julie Plec told EW: “It’s the same magic that was able to put Klaus into Alaric’s body and Esther into Rebekah’s. So you can extrapolate the future of Joseph Morgan on this show from that logic,” she said. In both of those cases, everyone eventually returned to their own bodies. But Klaus burst into flames this time. “You know, I myself did not see his entire body burned to bits. So I can’t say 100 percent that we’ve seen the last of him.” Gotta love those TVD loopholes. Oh, and btw, Matt’s OK. “I think for Matt to not survive that after everything would be just too damn tragic,” Plec told EW.

2. Elena’s finally a vampire! Does that mean we’re going back to L.J. Smith’s books as source material?
I have no idea the answer to this. Plec did explain that they always felt it wouldn’t be good for the show if Elena turned as early in the series as she did in the books. But then again, in the books, she turns, dies, comes back as an angel-like thing and then becomes human again. Which sounds twisty enough for the show, if a little weird and complicated. Regardless, this makes me want to go back and reread all about her early vampire days.

Nina Dobrev shooting a scene for The Vampire Diaries

3. Why do vampires’ super speed and strength suddenly disappear at inopportune moments, like when saving people from an underwater car?
Seriously, shouldn’t Stefan have been able to rescue everyone from both crashes, either by grabbing everyone really quickly or by lifting the whole car out of the water? Things are lighter underwater, you know.

4. So, will Elena stick with her choice of Stefan?
Hmmm. Something tells us that being a vampire will change a lot about Elena. She’s not going to be the fragile doppelganger that everyone either wants to kill or use, and she got to do what she’s wanted all along: sacrifice her life for those she loves. Maybe that will free her up to indulge in her wild side with Damon. Or maybe she’ll be so pissed off at all vampires that she’ll choose to be with someone else entirely. Hey, Matt’s single!

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries
5. What the hell are we going to do until fall?

Well, True Blood’s coming back next month. Also, Kevin Williamson’s original show about angsty teen love triangles in the South, Dawson’s Creek, is now on Netflix on-demand. Who’s up for rewatching that with me? Also, confession: I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, when we finally stop crying, I think we’ll find plenty to love about summer.

[Photos: The CW]

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