Mini Storage Billboard Just Says Screw It, Let’s Add A Butt


Manhattan Mini Storage, the company known for their randomly inflammatory ads throughout New York City, took a turn for the nakeder this past week with this giant new billboard outside one of their downtown locations:

Naked Mini Storage Ad

Gugghuhuhuhugggwhaaaa????? 9,000 cabs spin out, make wacky sound effects, crash cartoonishly, explode, cut to families crying at wake (“This Manhattan Mischief movie got SUPER dark all the sudden…”)

The ad has apparently been “causing some controversy among residents and motorists”, according to Splash News, but do people still have problems with butts these days? I thought we were at least cool with butts. Have we so quickly forgotten the Buttual Revolution of whatever year that was? Wikipedia apparently has, because there’s nothing on there about it, but if that really never was a thing, then why did I not wear pants to work for that 7 month period?

I rest my case. Butt ads are fine. Next up – Completing Bill Hicks’ “Perfect Commercial”:

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