MIT Student Creates Real Life MarioKart, Sustains Critical Shell Injury


Real Life MarioKart

An MIT grad student named Charles Guan has built a working “Chibikart”, a tiny motorized go kart with four-wheel drive designed to look ever-so-slightly like a real life MarioKart cart. The Kart is 30 inches long, can reach speeds of up to 26 MPH, and comes equipped with a cup holder full of the 4,500 condoms which you’ll need immediately after getting off this thing.

Here’s a video of Guan’s kart in action. He really seems to have the hang of the thing, until the very end of the video when the computer lightning-bolts him right as he’s going over a jump and he falls into lava and ends up fifth but it was total BS:

(via The Daily What Geek News)

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